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Reverse Engineering

From understanding binary code to creating keygens.

( 4 ratings) 13 students enrolled
Created by ZDResearch Training Last updated 5/2018


Reverse engineering is the art of understanding machine code and meddling with it. An expert reverse engineer can change a binary (compiled) or non-binary (interpreted) application in any way s/he wants, pretty much like s/he has access to the source code. This course teaches you to be an expert reverse engineer.

On top of that, you will learn methods to increase your performance, you will get to know the tools of the trade and master them, learn how to protect against reverse engineering and more importantly, how to bypass all those protections.


Assembly language, computer programming, familiarity with C programming language.


Participants will be able to trace, understand and modify binary files to achieve any desired effect. On top of that, they will be able to find possible security flaws in an application.


  • Understand Concepts and Techniques of Reverse Engineering
  • Reverse Engineer Binaries
  • Reverse Engineer Non-Binaries
  • Pack and Protect Software
  • Unpack Software and Remove DRM
  • Elementary Malware Analysis
  • Learn How to Use Reverse Engineering Tools


  • Computer Architecture
  • x86 Assembly
  • Computer Programming
  • Windows

Target Audience

  • DRM Developers
  • Crackers
  • Exploit Developers
  • Malware Analysts
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1 Introduction
21 1. Lecture 1 CPU and RAM
24 4. Lecture 4 Portable Executable
25 5. Lecture 5 Reversing Tools
2 Legal Software Protection Reversing
27 7. Lecture 2 IDA Pro
28 8. Lecture 3 OllyDbg
29 9. Lecture 4 Delphi
31 11. Lecture 6 Serial Fishing
32 12. Lecture 7 Keygen
34 14. Lecture 9 Serial Check Bypass
35 15. Lecture 10 Integrity Checks
37 17. Lecture 12 Child Processes
3 Reversing Protected Binaries
4 Reverse Engineering Non-Binary Files
5 Elementary Malware Analysis


2019-04-04 18:29:36
Kang-Wei Chang
In this course, the instructor go really detail step by step doing reverse engineering. Also all the tool using shows in video is provided. Personally I really enjoy malware analysis part, it starts from the basic on previous chapter and using in practice. Is a pretty good course for the people who want to get in this field. Compare to other reverse engineering course I took, this one is more informative and more practical since it using real malware sample for analysis. Overall I do recommend this course. Looking forward for the advanced course in this topic.