Why Exdemy?

Because we are teachers ourselves, and we protect value first.


We value our instructors first. We believe valuing instructors results in higher quality education for the students, and makes both students and teachers happier in the long run.

Using advanced digital rights management (DRM) technology, Exdemy makes sure that course materials are not leaked, thus making sure instructor’s efforts yield enough profits. Exdemy also extensively verifies purchases using several fraud detection technologies, allowing instructors to list courses for a much higher price point compared to other platforms. We encourage our instructors to create expert courses and list their courses for prices above $200.

We believe that this balance of course quality and pricing enables students to enroll in expert courses and learn useful cutting-edge arts, sciences and technologies, and helps sustain instructors so that they can continue delivering quality content to their students, while Exdemy removes all traction and lets them focus on creating their content.

Our pricing model is very simple. We take 25% of any sale made directly through Exdemy.com. For customers that use a coupon provided by the instructor or another advertisement medium, we only charge 5% for each sale. You as an instructor will make 75% to 95% off each sale. We also pay instructors right at the end of each month (versus a few months later as done by other platforms).

For courses requiring advanced DRM (suggested for courses with a price point above $200), we charge a flat $10 fee for each course purchase (including coupon purchases). This fee is for licensing, processing and storage requirements of the DRM technologies involved.

To start teaching, first sign up in the system. After signing up and verifying your account (including photo ID verification), contact us to upgrade your account to an instructor account.

Happy Teaching 🙂